Monday, 17 February 2014

Elegant panacotta...

Friends, all of you are really going to love this stylish, easy to make and impressive dessert called "Panacotta". Originally, it is an Italian dessert.

Few days ago, I came across the earlier recipes for this dessert. Italian Chefs were using fish bones after boiling it for hours together. This collagen turns into gelatin type of substance upon cooling.

Now, after years of experimentation and testing, this dessert have evolved into what is known as a gelatine based dessert, flavoured with vanilla or any other fruit flavours and to be served chilled.

Being a chef, I have fabricated and tried to present this dessert in a distinct manner, which will make it possible for you to try it at home.

So scroll down for the recipe ....!!! Happy Cooking !!! 

Recipe name : "Coconut Panacotta with Stewed Strawberries".


Amul cooking cream   : 150 ml
Coconut milk                  : 100 ml
Milk                                    : 50 ml
Gelatine / Agar -Agar : 6 gm
White chocolate
(melted)                          : 50 gm
Sugar                                 : 60 gm
Whole strawberries    : 100 gm

Stewed Strawberries:

Strawberries  : 100 gm
Sugar                 : 50 gm

1. Bring cream coconut milk, milk and sugar to boil.

2. Add soak and melted gelatin or agar-agar.

3. At last add melted white chocolate and pour in required container to set.
4. Before placing in fridge , randomly add halves strawberries and allow to set.

5. Allow halves strawberries and sugar to boil in form of compote (takes 15 minutes).

6. Serve chill with presentation .

Note :
If terrine mould is not available , one can use fancy glasses to set "Panacotta".

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