Monday, 1 July 2013

Sunday brunch :)

Everybody knows the value of Home made food. But can we really keep ourself at bay from burgers, pizza for a long time? 
To put an end to this dilemma, I'll show you to make good quality homemade croissants, which are buttery, flaky and too yummy to gratify your cravings. 

This recipe of mine comprises of easily available ingredients. It takes a little bit of time, efforts and patience to make Croissants, but are totally worth it. 

So will not waste anymore time and start with the recipe and procedures. 


flour                   250 gm

salt                    1/2 tsp
icing sugar          55 gm
fresh yeast         15 gm
milk                   70 ml
butter                120 gm
egg                    1 no.
vanilla essence    1/2 tsp
egg wash            for brushing


1. sieve the flour and add yeast, egg, vanilla essence and make a soft dough with the milk and water.

2. Rub salt and little of butter together and add in the soft dough for nourishment.
3. Round it up and keep it cover under a damp cloth.
4. When it double in size, knock back and roll it out into a big circle.
5. Apply the cream margarine all over the rolled out dough.

6. Cut it into 3 uneven portions. Roll the smallest portion and place it on the second largest portion, roll it and place it on the largest portion. Then seal the sides of the rolled  dough and wrap up in the damp cloth.

7. Keep it in the freezer for 20 minutes or till the fat solidifies.
8. Remove and roll it in the rectangular and turn it in the shape of croissants. 

9. Place them on the grease tray and cover it with the damp cloth till it becomes light to touch.

10.  Apply egg wash and bake at 220 C for 15 minutes.
      (Egg wash - 1 no. egg and 10 ml water mix together)

11. Apply sugar syrup when hot. (syrup should be warm)
     (sugar syrup - equal quantity of water and sugar boil together)

Happy Baking !!!