Sunday, 26 January 2014

Baby chocolates hampers !!!

I love chocolates! Who doesn’t? “Baby chocolates hampers” is the sweet treats keeps on going. These "Baby chocolate hampers" are famous worldwide to fill special occasions with sweetness, flavors & joy!!!

Since last 6 years I have been making chocolate hampers and I still love to try innovative ideas to make these chocolates look good in appearance & every bite of it to tickle the taste buds.
I personally share the festivals and special occasion joy by treating my near & dear ones with chocolate gift hampers.
Hope this post help you in the same way. So, here we go with the making of hampers.

1. Melt the chocolate bars 
2. Keep your fillings ready

3. Coat the moulds with melted chocolate & set in fridge for 15 minutes

4. Fill it with flavor jelly
5. Add flavors or ganache or rice crunchy

6. Seal the filling again with melted chocolate

7. Set again in fridge for 15 mins & tap the mould upside down for demoulding.

You can also try different wrappers & packing’s to make your hamper look good. These are easily available at confectionery stores.

8. Demould and wrapping