Monday, 15 October 2012

Chocolate Comfort....

Being a pastry chef , this post of mine is going to be on chocolate base or garnish that could be diverse on your plate. This preparation was made for the special lunch organized at my work place.

I had planned the menu 2 days prior to the lunch and was ready to try out some creativity on chocolate molding filled with special dessert in it. The imagination of making the dessert excited me.

This post is based on professional innovation and integration so please read and follow the recipe exactly the same.

Suggestions and comments from the readers are utmost desired.

"Chocolate Tear Drop"

1. Melt chocolate on double boiler
Preparation time : 20 min's                                           
Servings : 12  portion

Ingredients :-

Dark chocolate slabs - 100 gm
White chocolate slabs - 50 gm
OHP sheets - cut in rectangle form (as base)
Greased proof paper - cut in triangle form 
(as piping)

2. Melted chocolate 

Method :-

1.Melt dark and white chocolate by double boiler method.
2.After melting of chocolate, let the temperature of chocolate lower to 280 C (Lukewarm)
3. Place the OHP strips on the table and drizzle some white chocolate on it with the help of piping bag.
3. OHP rectangular transperancy sheet.
4.Take melted dark chocolate (temperature to be 280 C) and spread over the sheets as shown in the image.
5.Quickly mold the sheets by joining both the opposite ends together.
6.In few seconds, the applied chocolate will cool down and become firm.
7.The space in the chocolate mold can be filled with any sweet filling of your choice.

4. Pouring chocolate in handmade(cone)
pipping bag
5. Cutting the tip .

6. Drizzling of white chocolate
7. Spread of dark chocolate.

8. Molding chocolate
9. After set

10. Filling of strawberry mousse
11. Masking with chocolate glaze. 

"Be Mine" - Chocolate tear drops filled with strawberry mousse and masked with chocolate glaze. 

Variation :
Once the droplets are ready, savor them by filling with different flavored and color jams, mixed caramelized dry fruits or fresh fruits, small scoop of ice cream, piped out with any flavored mousse.

Tips :
Avoid water intervention while working with chocolate as it will spoil the preparation. Clean the equipments and tools with duster after your each activity. Please follow the images to apprehend the recipe precisely.                 

"Personalize the filling for every special occasion"