Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Drench Tiramisu

Heavy rains are back again and one dessert that came in my mind to blog  is Tiramisu . It is an Italian dessert with the flavor of coffee, rum and mascarpone cheese. A very subtle and smoothing dessert to have this season.I enjoy eating tiramisu specially in monsoon which provide the flavor of coffee, rum and cheese accompany with heavy rains with scenic beauty.
Tiramisu can be excellent dinner party dessert and also can be a cake to celebrate the occasions. It is a time consuming recipe but very easy to make. 

And one more bonus tip, you can make this recipe in bulk and store for at least a month in a home freezer. Just at a time of serving remove an hour before and serve.

The perfect recipe of making Tiramisu.


Egg yolk                  75gm
Grain sugar              72gm
Rum                        35ml
Vanilla pods/ess.      2no/few drops
Mascarpone              750gm
Egg whites               150gm
Caster sugar             85gm
Gelatin                     7gm


1. Make coffee syrup and allow cooling.

2. Dip the disc of chocolate sponge in the coffee syrup and then lay in the base of the          moulds.

3.  Add vanilla essence in the egg yolks and beat the yolks with little portion of sugar to         make a sabayon.


4. Then gradually add the rum and whisk until incorporate.

5. Soak the gelatin in the cold water and keep aside.
6. Add the mascarpone cheese to the sabayon and continue whisking until smooth.

7. Mean while whisk the egg whites to soft peak stage and gradually add the caster sugar.
8. Whisk until the meringue is formed.

9. Melt the soak gelatin and add in the meringue and whisk it.
10. Add 20% of the sabayon mascarpone mix in the meringue and fold in.
11. Then add the meringue mix into the rest of the sabayon mix and fold in.

Take care: not to over mix.
 1. Pipe the tiramisu mix onto the sponge bases until the mould is half filled.
 2. Then add another layer of chocolate sponge soaked in the coffee syrup.
 3. Top up the moulds with more of the tiramisu mix and level off.

Celebrate and enjoy monsoon ......

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  1. this one is a perfect dessert any one could aspire to make.